Benaughty dating com

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Benaughty dating com

and there's more issues but i ain't got time for that crap. Terrible site full of computer generated replies and fake profiles also several scammers never even come close to a meetup.So far I think it was a waste of money and the review I have given to avoid the site like the plague as it’s a total scam is accurate and justified. Yeah sign up is easy, etc, I'm a woman and haven't had to pay for any sites yet, especially after hearing from too many guys how disrespectfully most sites treat the men.A few days later a Package arrived at my door, when I opened I realize They'd sent me a pair of fake Puma trainers... by sending me a pair of fake trainers it makes it look like a genuine transaction. I got caught out and I will do everything I can not to let others fall into the same trap!!Anyway the bank has now refunded me the money, please be aware, uk is a fraudulent website. My advice is don’t bother, the site is a total scam. After a week I realised that 100% of the profiles were fake, and the site is a scam, so I cancelled my subscription and automated billing, and I thought that was the end of it.

The site also provides its users with a handy guide to safe online dating.

Yeah there's real women on the site, though I'm sure fakes also, but most of the guys I've seen haven't even brushed their greasy hair/shaved/bathed before taking a selfie, lol how hard is that?

Not sure how they'd expect to attract a woman in real life looking their worst.

The site is user-friendly and active users are 100% sure to find what they are looking for.

To increase your chances to find the best profiles matching, make sure to give as much information as possible and be honest.

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Scammers that try to get you to pay for some id badge and are very aggressive. I didn't think I actually bought $200 worth of clothes, from China, at 3am on a Tuesday... It becomes apparent after 20 minutes that you are simply talking to robots and scammers. The only "woman" that emailed me wanted me to sign up for another scam via another cheap looking website.

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