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Sallie Mae is one of Magnify Money’s top five private student lenders for 2018.We compared undergraduate student loan products and began with the nation’s 10 largest national lenders.In addition to having a top-rated undergraduate loan, Sallie Mae differentiates itself by offering such a wide variety of different student loans.

These include live, attenuated (measles, polio) and inactivated (influenza, polio) viral vaccines as well as recombinant protein (hepatitis B) vaccines.

Most students who borrow money for their education should start with federal student loans.

The federal loan programs offer borrowers a variety of repayment, forgiveness, cancellation and discharge programs that aren’t available from private lenders.

Taking a closer look at the online platform The fine print What to expect during the application process Started over 40 years ago, Sallie Mae has played a variety of roles in the student loan space, including lending federally guaranteed loans and private student loans, and servicing federal and private loans.

Sallie Mae spun off a portion of its student loan servicing business to form a new company, Navient, in 2014.

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Instability of vaccines often emerges as a key challenge during clinical development (lab to clinic) as well as commercial distribution (factory to patient).