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A hundred years-old printing house, located in Bucharest's central area, has been recently converted into one of the most acclaimed restaurants in Romania: LOFT.

Modern design, high-class cuisine and 'cool people' are the attributes which are usually associated with LOFT – Bucharest.

Traditional Romanian specialties include chicken meatball soup, (cabbage rolls), Grilled Carp in Brine, leeks and olive stew. Bistro [email protected] newest – and environmentally-conscious restaurant in Bucharest - Romania's capital city has recently opened its doors!All the wood used had to pass an age test before it was eligible to become part of the rustic yet sophisticated interior.Abandoned houses, a village store and a few old barns were among the structures picked apart to provide the materials for this Bucharest restaurant, which has a homely feel from the furniture and features, and adds coziness to the dining rooms.Many traditional dishes have been renamed to remember the old times: Frivolous Danube Mackerel, Balkan Eggplant Spread, Long Way Salad, Pick Me Up soup (sour soup with 'unnecessary' bits of goose, duck, turkey and rooster), "Sentimental' Catfish, Old Fisherman's Brine, 'Accorded' Sausages (made from goose, veal and pork), Noah Baked Beans (smoked goose and beans), 'Turkey Sentry', 'Good Weather Veal'. I'd first glimpsed Transylvania through the window of a train traveling from Istanbul to Prague a decade earlier.The wine list includes native wine varieties such (a naturally sweet or semi-sweet white wine with subtle honey and basil aromas, an exquisite amber color and a persistent rich taste; its sweet taste may also suggest a blend of rose petals and wild berries) , (this native variety , displaying a ruby-red color with a stinging taste of fresh clove, was the wine of the imperial court of Vienna during the reign of Emperor Franz Josef, in the 18th century). What I'd seen then—a fascinating medieval landscape of deep forests, small, tidy farms, and fortified hilltop villages—made me want to be there, to walk its fields, to taste its food.

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Carefully edged off its wooden mold after baking, each chimney cake is a whimsical-looking, soft bread with an addictively crunchy caramelized sugar crust and an airy open center.

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